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Are you planning a relaxing break from everyday stress? Starship is the professional bus rental company in Berlin. If it is a large or a small travel group, we have the suitable vehicles. We will be happy to advise you. Our luxury buses are luxuriously equipped so that you don’t miss a thing. Sit back and enjoy the ride! Starship takes you safely to your destination.

Recovery begins with the journey

Our bus rental in Berlin ensure your relaxation

Enough of the hustle and bustle of Berlin? Then a trip to the nearby Brandenburg is just the right thing for you. Here you can switch off and escape the hustle and bustle of the capital. Your trip will be comfortable with the Starship bus rental! We’re there for you when you need us. Thus you can arrange the journey individually, completely without stress of the public transport.
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What’s around Berlin?

Explore Brandenburg with VIP Buses

Brandenburg is boring? Not with us. We’ll show you sights worth seeing in Brandenburg, such as the Spreewald. In this paradise of nature you’ll find pure relaxation, boat trips are also possible. The treetops and time travel trail in Beelitz also invite you to explore nature in Brandenburg. Those who like it extraordinary shouldn’t miss Rabenstein Castle and its medieval festival! This also applies to Rheinsberg Castle, which served as a model for Sanssouci Castle. The Eberswalde Zoo is also worth a visit. Sights in Brandenburg can be easily reached from Berlin.






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